Why I'm Running

I am a native Minnesotan, but have lived in other places, so I have the perspective to appreciate what a uniquely precious place our state is. I am running because I care deeply about our community, our state, and our country, and have been very troubled by the current state of political discourse. I want to be part of constructive, positive problem solving at the State House.


I am a listener by profession, and I want to continue to do that — listening to the concerns of the people of our community, and listening to people who have different ideas than I do. I believe that it is critically important that we all spend more time listening, rather than talking over each other or tuning each other out. Minnesota has been a leader in many areas, especially health care, education, and the environment.

We can work together for a healthy, thriving Minnesota!
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Health Care

All Minnesotans deserve access to quality, affordable health care. Let’s put someone who has actually practiced medicine at the decision-making table.
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All of Minnesota’s kids deserve an excellent public education, including higher education and trade schools. Their – and our – futures depend on it.

The Environment

We must protect and preserve our beautiful lakes and natural resources. Minnesota's unique natural assets deserve protection.
Kelly’s Clean Water Video.

Gun Safety

We must take steps to protect our children and prevent gun violence. Our children are looking to us to take action to protect them.

The Economy

We must use our hard-earned tax dollars prudently, while investing in our state so that Minnesota remains one of the best places to live.


Our senior population is growing rapidly, and it is crucial that we provide a safe environment and support system that is comprehensive and reliable.


Our veterans deserve our respect, gratitude, and support. Kelly’s husband, John Willoughby, is a combat veteran and former Army Ranger.
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As a physician and a scientist, I believe that in each of these areas we must utilize the best available information to make evidence-based, fact-driven decisions that continue to grow Minnesota’s leadership. What happens in the House impacts the entire state, and Minnesota often provides a model for the rest of the country. Now more than ever, we need to lead.

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