"Meet Kelly" Communication

July 9th, 2018

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

For those of you I haven’t had the opportunity to meet, my name is Kelly Morrison, and I’m running for the Minnesota State House in our district, 33B. I’m a practicing physician, a mom of three, and a 6th generation Minnesotan.

I decided to run for office because I was disappointed by the tone of our politics, and the lack of action in the Minnesota House. I believe we are facing some significant challenges in the next decade, and I want to be part of constructive, positive problem solving. As a scientist, I believe we need to make evidence-based, fact-driven policy decisions.

The theme of my campaign is for a healthy, thriving Minnesota. Our state has been a leader in healthcare, education and environmental concerns. Now more than ever, we need to continue to lead.

We must work toward finding a way to provide affordable, high quality healthcare to every Minnesotan. It’s important to have someone who has practiced medicine at the decision making table.

I’m proud that our area is known for having great public schools. All children in Minnesota deserve access to an excellent public education system from early childhood through career.

Their future – and all of ours – depends upon it.

We need sensible environmental policies that protect our lakes and natural resources, from Lake Minnetonka to the Boundary Waters. We want our beautiful state to remain so for generations to come.

We must introduce common sense measures to prevent gun violence. We’ve seen that the stakes are high. Our kids are looking to the adults to lead. Let’s not let them down.

Many of you have probably seen our great door knocking group out in your neighborhood. We are running a robust campaign that is funded solely by individual donors. I am not accepting any donations from PACs or special interests. We must let the voters decide elections.

Let’s ensure that Minnesota remains one of the best places in the nation to live and work.

Join me! And thanks to the many of you who already have!

Best wishes,
Kelly Morrison

Check out my website: morrisonforhouse.com
Facebook: Kelly Morrison for Minnesota House - District 33B
Instagram: @morrisonforhouse
Twitter: @morrison4MN